What is the difference between GTS and GTC?

Meisterschaft GTC (EV Control) exhaust systems are the world’s most technologically advanced units on the market. The GTC exhaust system utilizes electronic valves which control the “open” and “close” functions of the exhaust system. This allows the user to control the sound level, exhaust back pressure, and overall vehicle performance. The Meisterschaft GTS (Ultimate Performance) exhaust systems are engineered for enthusiasts who want a no nonsense exhaust system that will perform and produce a superior sound at all times.

HP, GT, GT2, Super GT - What do all these mean?

Prior to the development of our GTS and GTC (EV Control), our product line was classified by HP, GT, GT2, and Super GT.

The HP (Touring Performance) is the least aggressive system offered in the Meisterschaft line, still offering up performance gains, but just a subtle increase in tone over the OEM system in most cases.

The GT (Racing Performance) is one of the most popular in our line-up. Providing a solid aggressive sound and ample performance gains, the GT Racing is a safe bet for anyone in search of that perfect aftermarket exhaust.

The GT2 (Racing Performance) provides great performance gains and an exotic high pitch tone, similar to, but more aggressive in volume than the GT Racing.

The Meisterschaft Super GT (Track Performance) is intended for the diehard type. The extremely free-flowing design of our Super GT exhaust systems make them the most aggressive sounding as well as the best performing Meisterschaft exhaust.

What is the difference between Meisterschaft (SUS) and Meisterschaft (Ti)?

Meisterschaft exhausts are created with one of two materials- Stainless Steel (SUS) or Titanium (Ti). Our T-304 grade polished stainless steel is extremely high strength and resistant to corrosion, often offering weight improvements compared to stock systems. Our Titanium meanwhile has the advantage of sizable weight savings at the cost of strength. As a result, most of our customers go the Stainless route, with the hardcore enthusiasts seeking full track-build cars following the Titanium route.

Where can I buy a Meisterschaft exhaust system for my car?

GTHAUS has a vast dealer network across the globe, to find an authorized dealer near you, please visit our dealer section. If no dealer is available in your area, our sales team can be contacted by e-mail at sales@gthaus.com or by phone at 1.866.278.1896.

Is it a bolt-on system? Can I install it myself?

All of our exhaust systems are designed as direct OE replacements, meaning they follow the same channeling as the original exhaust system and do not require any extensive modification to install. While some applications are 100% full bolt on, other applications may require that you cut and re-use the OE cat-back piping. We always recommend that you have your new exhaust system installed by an industry professional.

How much horsepower will I gain?

While every Meisterschaft exhaust has power benefits to offer, horsepower and torque gains will vary from one vehicle to the next. For estimated power gains for your specific vehicle, please contact sales@gthaus.com.

How Can I Contact You?

If you have further questions, please use our contact us page.